Sweet Romantic Myrtle Beach Wedding

Celebration is in the air for a Sweet Romantic Myrtle Beach Wedding.  It is a cloudy day with the threat of rain, but it still does not stop the Mendez Family Wedding.  The setting is the Myrtle Beach State Park.  Just a few family members join the couple on their special day.  Thank you for allowing Simple Wedding Day, LLC to help you along your journey of love.  As your Officiant, it is my honor to perform your ceremony too.

To learn more about having your Romantic Myrtle Beach Wedding, contact Rev. Benjy Simmons.  He is available to assist you with your wedding details too.  Your wedding can be very simple with just the two of you or it can be as large as you desire.  No wedding is too small or too large that we can not serve.  We offer many packages to serve you.  We have available music and photography.  In addition, we have Decor including Bamboo Archway and Chairs.  Video packages are available.  Therefore, we partner with many wedding vendors and venues to make your day as special as you desire.