1. What is the first step in booking my wedding with your company?

Answer:  The first step is to select a date and time you would like to marry?

2. Are there specific location a beach wedding can take place in the Myrtle Beach area?

Answer: Many times the wedding can take place out front of your place of stay.  If you are wanting more privacy, there are certain places we can recommend such as public access areas.

3. What does it cost to have a wedding in the Myrtle Beach area?

Answer: It depends on what you are needing or wanting.  Starting prices are listed on the website which can give you an idea.

4. Is a deposit required to book my wedding with your company?

Answer: Yes, to secure your wedding upon our calendar, a deposit will be required.  The general deposits range from $75.00 to 425.00 depending on the package selected

5. Is the deposit I put down non-refundable?

Answer: Yes.  However, we work with every bride and groom when a change is date is requested without requiring a new deposit. The only time it is non-refundable is if the wedding is cancelled.

6. When should I book my wedding with your company?

Answer: As soon as you decide upon a date and desired time, it is best to secure your event immediately before your desired date and time is taken.

7. Is the price for a wedding based on the amount of guests and or the time of day?

Answer: The price is based on the package selected.  Sunrise weddings do cost on an average, $50.00 more.  All other times of the day including weekends are all the same price.

8. Does a wedding cost more on Holidays?

Answer: Fourth of July and Thanksgiving Day an extra fee will be accessed.

9. How do I obtain a SC Marriage License or can I get a marriage license in my home state?

Answer: You have to obtain a marriage license in the state you are to marry. Therefore, a South Carolina Marriage License will have to be obtained prior to your wedding date in order to marry in SC.  Due to the pandemic, a marriage license can be obtained online, through the mail or in person.  A South Carolina marriage license does not expire once it is received.

10. Who handles the marriage license papers after we marry?

Answer: After we guide you to correctly sign the papers, you will receive a copy the day you marry and we will file the papers back with the courts for you.

11. What happens if it rains at the time of my scheduled wedding?

Answer: When planning an outdoor event, flexibility is important.  We will watch the weather for you.  In the event of inclement weather, we will make contact with you to discuss options.  The two state parks provide shelters for outdoor weddings.  If you are staying at a beach house sometimes it provides us a back-up plan.  Our chapel is available as well.

12. Do I need witnesses to get married in Myrtle Beach and can it just be my fiancé and I?

Answer: South Carolina does not require witnesses to marry.  Yes, an elopement of just two people happen very frequently.